Fort Zombie beta

I create a bunch of games in the summer of 2019, using Construct 3. Most of them were little games, typically taking me two or three days to make. My goal was to finish games and publish them somewhere.

But one longer game that I worked on was a tower defense called “Fort Zombie.” I didn’t finish it in 2019, and forgot about it until a week ago. Opening up the game file in Construct, I was impressed. It looked good, and the core gameplay was there.

The game had title, purchase, game, and end screens. Here is the title screen.

Clicking the “Play” button took you to the Purchase screen. Clicking the “Info” button took you nowhere. That was one thing I had to remedy.

Another thing was audio. There wasn’t any. I added some sound effects and music. They made a huge difference in the feel of the game.

Game play was rudimentary. After you bought your combat robots, stationed them on the ramparts, and clicked “Ready,” an endless wave of zombies was spawned. The robots shot them until their ammo ran out. Then the zombies captured the fort. Basically, one level, which you couldn’t win.

So, I took care of that, too. Also, I added mine fields. The zombies avoid boulders and trees but walk right into the mines.

Public beta of Fort Zombie