Fort Zombie beta

I create a bunch of games in the summer of 2019, using Construct 3. Most of them were little games, typically taking me two or three days to make. My goal was to finish games and publish them somewhere. But one longer game that I worked on was a tower defense called “Fort Zombie.” I … Read more

Ricochet one more time

I discovered a bug in the first beta of Ricochet (see yesterday’s post). The game sometimes awarded a win to the player after only one or two of the seven levels had been survived and completed. It didn’t always happen, but if often did. The problem (I think) is that a key variable was not … Read more


Welcome to my lab. Today I’m presenting a beta of a new game, Ricochet, that I made with Construct 3. It’s a small shooter game in which a lone soldier is trapped in a room with a bunch of hungry giant crabs. Why a soldier and giant crabs? Well, because I happened to have the … Read more

My game-making tool of choice

Over the years, I’ve tried several approaches to creating computer games and programs. My current tool of choice is Construct 3. The engine allows for fast game creation and publication. It’s a great choice for competing in game-jams. Construct 3 runs in the web browser, so you can use it on almost any platform. (My … Read more