Welcome to my lab. Today I’m presenting a beta of a new game, Ricochet, that I made with Construct 3.

It’s a small shooter game in which a lone soldier is trapped in a room with a bunch of hungry giant crabs. Why a soldier and giant crabs? Well, because I happened to have the graphics, that’s why. All the important graphics in the game are from the Game Developer Studio, one of my favorite sources of quality game art, both free and paid. (I did draw the bullet myself, for what it’s worth.)

There are seven levels, each with more and faster-moving crabs. The soldier has a sidearm, with an apparently limitless supply of ammunition. A magic gun. Unfortunately, head-on shots don’t faze the crabs, much less destroy them. That’s where the title of the game comes in. It’s the only clue I provide about what the player needs to do.

I’ve put the beta up here to test it out on a few different platforms. It works with mouse, keyboard, or touch controls.

Link to the first beta of Ricochet!